Wednesday, 20 April 2011

It's been a while but.....................

It's roughly a month now until my next firing. Pretty much all the work has been made and is now bisc and stacked on tables ready for glazing. Just a few more mugs and shot cups to make as well as as some setters for the larger pieces which will be side fired. Most of these pieces will have a shino glaze applied to the interiors. The exteriors will be left naked for the flame and ash to decorate. With all the good weather we have had recently the wood stacks are nice and dry. I'm just hoping that there arn't too  many wasps in there as I've seen quite alot of dozey ones coming out of hibernation looking for a good spot to start a nest. I've been travelling around delivering work to several galleries over the past couple of weeks. The Galanthus Gallery near Hereford have a show on soon and also the SCA gallery in Shrewsbury. I also have to take work to the Beetroot Tree gallery in Derbyshire next week. The following week I am taking part in a local ceramic event in Loughborough town centre, so will need to select the work for that and also dust down my display units. The week after that will be wood cutting in preparation for the firing. I've taken a few pictures of the bisc work stacked high and have also made another "making" video of how I make one of my small course clay jars. Hope you enjoy them.

And the video. This will also be uploaded to the wesite in the near future.