Friday, 6 February 2015

Frosty kiln building and other things

A short blog update, dismantling and building have been progressing steadily and finally the new kiln is starting to take shape. Having taken a bit longer than hoped to take down the old kiln and organise all the materials, at times it has seeming like an exercise in moving tons of materials 3 feet to the left just to put them back again, however, with the new floor laid and the arch former nearly complete, a feeling of excited anticipation is beginning to grow with the longer days.

A few images of the dismantling and a few images of the build so far. Hopefully nest week I'll complete the former and start to brick the arch.

I'm aiming to be in a position to have the first firing in the new kiln towards the end of March now, which hopefully will be better weather wise than February.  The making is coming along well, I'm still making my new work and enjoying a freedom that the forms, slip and surface treatments are embracing. Over the next week I'll be making the clay for mugs, shot cups and beakers which I sold out of last year these are usually the last items that I make before a firing. As I will pack them around the larger pieces.

 One of the large vessels

A close up of one of the large platters.
The plan is also to have a firing in the Wysing anagama kiln around May/early June. Hopefully by my next post the arch will be in place.