Monday, 9 March 2015

New kiln, new pots and spring almost here

The buds are starting to swell outside the studio with the odd touch of green from the bravest shoots taking their chances against late frost. Work on the new kiln has been going well assisted by a couple of days help from Steve Parry to really get the arch moving. Here are a few images of the progress so far.

There is still a little more packing to do on the second arch but I should have the former out this week which is always an exciting moment. The collection box at the bottom of the chimney, the active damper and the remainder of the chimney should hopefully progress quite swiftly now with  only the insulation layer left to apply. New work for the firing is coming along, with most of the larger pieces now complete.

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be making up the clay for mugs to take to this years shows, I completely sold out last year so need to get cracking. Last week, I took some work down to The Open Door gallery in Market Harborough, a lovely space run by Janet Pelling. Although the Earth and Fire show at Rufford seems a long way off at the end of June, I know it will come around fast and need to have some good work to take. I'm also very pleased to say I'll be showing again at Warwickshire open studio's with my sister in law Claire Brierley  in July. I'll hopefully update in a few weeks when the kiln has progressed more.