Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Into the Autumn

The leaves have definitely changed now, with a great display of Reds, golds and yellows, it's dark by 6.30 and there's a chill in the air. All my work is now packed ready for the  Oxford Ceramics Fair which takes place at St. Edwards school in Oxford this weekend 25th-26th October. Looking forward to catching up with folks. Below are a couple of new pieces which I'm working on for my next firing which is the Wysing Arts Centre anagama towards the end of November.

I'll be taking the last load of wood down there next week and spending the day chain sawing wood and stacking it ready for the firing.
         Here in Loughborough exciting developments! I have begun dismantling the large anagama to build a smaller anagama kiln which will provide even more opportunities to carry out extreme firings. I'm revisiting clay surfaces and developing slips which (I'm hoping), will create some really dynamic surfaces in the new kiln. I'm hoping to have it ready to fire by February which is when I would have been firing the larger kiln. One of the other advantages of the new kiln will be more frequent firings. If you're around Oxford over the weekend why no come in and say hello :-)