Monday, 13 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Well, a little late I know but momentum is now building for my next firing which will be from 13th - 16th February. Clay has been mixed, work constructed and thrown and the on going battle with the elements to keep the wood stacks dry cautiously being won; so all systems are go. 
Below is a sneak  image of some of the pieces which will go into the firing along with beakers, shots and more thrown pieces, and a few re-fires from previous firings.

 The darker clay body pieces will be glazed, with an opacified ash glaze. The paler pieces are my course body with pink granite and cordierite which will have no glaze applied.

Other projects which are nearing completion include an article for the Log Book on the building of the new kiln which hopefully will be published in May. Also my book "Firing Kilns", is nearly completed and (Shameless plug!), can be pre-ordered from Amazon now with the publication date in July.

So far this year: I have a show at the Beetroot tree gallery, Derbyshire 1st March - 12th April. I'll also be showing at "Ceramics in Charnwood" on Sunday 18th May, Earth and Fire at Rufford Country Park 20th - 21st - 22nd June, and Art in Clay at Hatfield house 4th - 5th - 6th July. 

As the firing gets closer I will update the blog more frequently. I'll be packing the kiln on the 6th and 7th Feb with the help of Steve Parry who will as always, be helping with the firing.