Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Autumn gold

It's been far too long since I've posted. The beautiful summer has faded to a distant memory replaced by stunning colours and an ever increasing urgency to batten down the hatches for the impending winter. Needless to say things have been busy here, with the new undergraduate and postgrad. cohorts bedding in well. Work is progressing towards my next firing. I now have a wood shed brimming with split Oak and Ash, and 16 pallets of pine slab wood covered and weatherproofed. Work is well underway on pieces for the  firing which is notionally set for January again, although I've not fixed a firm date yet as I want to have time to make enough work to fill the kiln tight. I'm also test firing some new glazes in our gas kiln, part of the body of work for this firing will be fully glazed. Below is a sneaky glimpse of some of the pieces.

As well as new pieces, mugs and bowls etc. I'll be re-firing some older box pieces to build up another layer of ash and flame markings, so all in all it's lining up to be an exciting firing. Applications are being prepared for next years shows and work wrapped and dispatched for pr-Christmas orders. I'll post up a few more work images soon. Cheers.