Friday, 20 May 2011

And they all come to life when we're not looking

So, I think the firing went very well. I was able to unbrick the door on Tuesday evening and we unpacked on Wednesday afternoon. Really good, plenty of heat and reduction (even down the side stoke side of the kiln which can be slightly more oxidised). We had very few losses. A couple of pieces which had moved a little and stuck to others but in the grand scheme of things not much really. I've now had a chance to live with the pots for a while and I'm very pleased with the results. The very course clay which I mixed, flashes wonderfully in all parts of the kiln and receives the fly ash well. The shino glaze which had its first anagama testing on a few pieces in the last firing is great beautiful ice whites with pinks and oranges burning through in places. Works really well with the clay body as well. I still have a bit of grinding left to do just to remove the last traces of wadding and then I shall start to put together my stand for Earth and fire at the end of june. My exhibition at the Galanthus gallery ends this weekend so I'll be off down there soon to collect any unsold work. I'll keep updating as my exhibition stand for the summer takes shape. Whooop! Some pics.

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