Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Nearly ready for firing!

It's been pretty hectic over the last couple of weeks. I've delivered all work to galleries and the Ceramics in Charnwood event held in Loughborough town centre on Sunday was a great success with plenty of interested visitors looking over the diverse ceramics on show.
I spent Monday and Tuesday chain sawing wood in the wind. How does so much saw dust end up in my socks??? The yard is now full with another pallet of wood to be cut up on Saturday when there is room. The kiln has been cleaned out and the grate fitted ready for the start of packing. Steve Parry is coming up tomorrow to help with the packing and firing and we will light the kiln on Friday morning and fire through to Sunday evening. This will probably be the last firing of this kiln as I am dismanteling it in the Autmun and rebuilding a slightly larger one. So, a bit sweet and sour, it's a good kiln but I'm striving for more diverse zones in a firing and the new kiln should give me those.

All my work to go into this firing has been glazed. I am using more shino in this firing than I have for a while. I have a couple of large bowls which I am particularly excited about seeing. The new bulbous bottles have my titanium ash glaze applied and I'm looking forward to seeing haow they come out.

I'll be updating this blog through the firing to keep a track of how it's going.

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