Monday, 2 April 2012

Job done!

Well, that's it, after four months work the new kiln is finished! All the bracing metal work is in place and I've sorted out the stoke hole doors both front and back. 8 pallets of pine edgings are now in the yard ready for the first firing which will be from the 19th - 22nd April. Most of the work is made. I've had a small fire in the kiln to help dry it out although with all the great weather recently it has dried out pretty well anyway. Having a fire in there did give me the opportunity to check the draw from the chimney which seems to pull well, so it all looks pretty promising.

I'll start applying glaze to those pieces which will have it next week, as well as servicing my chainsaw ready for some cutting. 8 palletts of wood should give roughly 2 firings but as this is the first firing and a bit of an unknown I'm prepared to use more than the 3.5 pallets which used to fire the old kiln. I've been asked to do a couple of days demonstrating at Rufford Craft Centre in Nottinghamshire on the 6 -7th May so hopefully will be able to take some examples from the new kiln.
Next posts will be when we  pack the kiln on the 17th and 18th April. :-)

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