Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A few pieces from the last firing

Well, the dust has settled or rather been forced to the ground by the persistant rain and, having cleaned up the work from the first firing I've now had the chance to take some images of individual pieces. So, here are a few:

A couple of lidded boxes.  These have been sitting on the shelf for about 18 months because having made them I couldn't work out if I liked them or not. Really pleased I finally fired them.

These three bottles stand at around 70-80cm and were fired close to the firebox.

A pair of the black jars stand around 130cm.

Three large shino glazed platters about 70cm diameter.

Already starting to think ahead to the next firing which will hopefully be late this year or early next. Also planning a firing in the anagama at Wysing Arts Centre in Cambridgeshire early October time, so plenty of work to be made over the next few months. Had a good couple of days demonstrating at Rufford craft centre over the bank holiday weekend promoting Earth and Fire and Craft & Design Month. My next event is the weekend after next (20th May), in Loughborough town centre where 40 makers will be showing again to promote Craft and Design month. Busy busy :-)