Monday, 14 January 2013

Packed and ready to go!

The packing began late Thursday morning and as if by magic the temperature plunged. We finished the pack at about 8pm on Friday night with just a last few pieces to place this morning (Monday). The kiln is now fully packed. As we are having a gap between packing and firing I have put a small heater inside the kiln to keep the frost off and dry everything out. I'll keep this in until Wednesday morning and then brick up the door and put a gas burner in to continue the drying. I'll light the kiln first thing on Thursday and then its heads down untill probably mid Sunday. Forcast is looking cold but more importantly dry as there are few things worse than trying to cut 10 pallets of wood in the rain :-(

First stack of shelves

 Second layer behind the back side stoke grate.

Back and front middle sections packing good and tight around the arch.

The completed pack.

To top it off the snow started to fall, and there is more forcast over the next few days.

Unfortunatly the streaming will not be happening. However we are hoping that some parts of the firing may be filmed and uploaded at a later date. I'll update this blog as the firing progresses.

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  1. Hey Ben. Pack looks good - some nice big pieces in there - especially those large platters. Hope it goes well!