Friday, 18 January 2013

Snowy firing day 2

The firing is going well, lit the kiln early yesterday morning and built the fire gently over the day.The damper which I built into the chimney is working great and giving much  more control over the reduction and we are reducing the kiln heavily. The front of the kiln is around 1260 now with the back in the mid 1100s still with 2 night and 2 days to go. It's been snowing pretty much since the kiln was lit but has been heavier today which makes stepping out from the kiln shed pretty refreshing

We are now going into the second night with Carl and Jim taking over the stoking, giving Steve and I the night off for an early start tomorrow. My van is now covered in snow so hoping this adds a bit more insulation for a good nights sleep. Slept pretty well last night in minus figure temperature with 3 duvets and a sleeping back. Think another beer may help.

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  1. The snowflakes glisten on the tree ...

    Keep the whole thing cooking!