Saturday, 31 October 2015

Autumn has arrived

It's been far too long since my last update but plenty has been going on.

The end of August saw a firing in the Wysing anagama kiln, it had been about 18 months since the last firing, and it was good to get down there. Such a great place for a kiln although it is not in the best of conditions and firing it is somewhat like setting out to sea in a boat full of holes. The results were good though, and it was a good test for all the new slips that I have been using on my new work. 

September was fairly quiet, although I managed to get another load of wood Up to Loughborough for the kiln here. Looking to fire in January for a 4 day firing. October has been busy with the first "innovations in ceramic art", show at the guild hall in Cambridge. 

An excellent show which hopefully will be repeated. Last weekend was the annual Oxford ceramic fair, again, another great show. This weekend (the last in October), I'm showing as part of the Warwickshire open studio's Autumn art show at Warwick Arts Centre. This is my last show of this year, just as the  applications come in for next year. I'm now starting to make work for the firing in January, which is great. Haven't been making for a few months and it's a joy to get back to the wheel and start to make again with all the anticipation of seeing the finished fired pieces :-)

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