Friday, 8 January 2016

Happy new year!

A little late I know. First blog of 2016 and preparation is well underway for my first firing next week and as is traditional, the temperatures are set to plunge, so it's going to be in minus degrees sleeping in the van brrrrrr! The kiln is cleaned out, all the pots made, Wadding mixed, cone packs dry, still a bit of glaze to apply.

 I've managed to keep most of the wood dry enough through the wet weather so hopefully all systems go.

Packing on Wednesday which will be a long day, and then firing Thursday morning through till Sunday lunchtime (ish).

 I've also cut a whole load of new props. Luxury!

Here are a few pieces awaiting the firing.

I had a very enjoyable visit to The Ceramic studio in Warwickshire just before Christmas where I was invited to spend a day demonstrating making one of my large vessels.

I've also been experimenting with a small wood fired kiln. This was originally built to fire to high earthenware temperatures, but also fires very easily to stoneware producing some good flashing. This is an ongoing exploration for this year, potentially using some of the local red clays from Charnwood to make with.

I'll update after the firing :-)