Saturday, 28 April 2012

The unpacking.

I spent the day yesterday unpacking the first firing in the new kiln. Didn't stop raining all day and I've kind of had enough of it now. Some really exciting pieces came out. The kiln has settled well and the slight lowering of the grate bars had done it's job in creating a slight firebasket to contain the coals.

So this is the view on unbricking the door, really pleased with these large pieces very rich surfaces the only applied glaze was a little of my titanium ash glaze on the necks. Steve's pot in the centre is an absolute corker.

The tall black jars have come out great and the new shino beakers are really beautiful, with touches of carbon trapping, ash deposits and blushes of orange and red especially on the insides. The above image is of the large front shelf stack.

Here's another shot which shows off the large jars well.

Three of Steve Parry's bottles, really rich colours :-)

And another couple from lower down.

This image is the front of the middle stack, some great work off the shelves but the floor level was very oxidised. I'll remedy this in the next firing by reducing the exit flues slightly and also by building an active damper into the chimney so that the flames can be slowed down and held in the chamber longer, this should help to equalise both the internal chamber atmosphere and the temperature.

Here is the shelf stack just infront of the rear side stoke. Upper levels were very rich and the bowls you can see wadded upside down are lovely as are the other pieces which are shelved. floor level again was quite oxidised.

And finally, the back stack. Good temperature (ortone cone 12 bending). As a reverse to the middle of the pack there was good reduction lower down in front of the flues and slightly more oxidised above, not suprising i guess as everything was being channeled through the pieces directly in front of the flues.
So all in all very pleased with it all. I have to keep reminding myself that this was the first firing and as such was better than I would have hoped. I'll post up some images of individual pieces when I get chance to take some. I'll be taking a few pieces up to Rufford Craft Centre Nottinghamshirenext weekend (Sunday 6th and Monday 7th May), where I'll be demonstrating throwing various pieces. :-)


  1. Exciting blog Ben. Keep it up. Hope it goes well at Rufford.

  2. Hi Ben, congratulations on a successful firing, the pots look fantastic..lots of wonderful fire colour!